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Promax MO-162
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The MO-162 / MO-163 are direct QPSK to COFDM transmodulators. They convert a satellite transponder into a Digital Terrestrial Television channel.

For it, the MO-162 / MO-163 allow the selection of the satellite transponder at the entrance and the output channel for the resulting multiplex. Obviously, it must be taken into consideration that the transport capacity of a DTT multiplex is lower to that one of a satellite transponder. Therefore, not all the services of a satellite transponder can fit into a single multiplex. For that reason the MO-162 / MO-163 allow the selection of the services to be transferred.

The MO-162,/b> / MO-163 are ideal for use in Terrestrial Digital Television distribution systems at hotels, hospitals and in general in any cable distribution system.

The control of the operation of the MO-162 / MO-163 is been made very easy through an LCD on the frontal panel. All the functions of the transmodulator can be easily selected by means
of an intuitive set of menus.

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  • 制造商: Promax
  • 模型: MO-162