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Promax MO-180
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The MO-180 is an SFN/MFN DVBT/ H modulator fully compliant with the DVB-T/H specifications ETSI EN 300 744 v1.5.1 (including annex F referring to DVB-H), ETSI TS 101 191 v1.4.1 (SFN synchronisation) and ETSI EN 300 468 v1.6.1 (DVB-SI). The unit is contained in an standard 19 1U chassis.

The modulator has two DVB-ASI Transport Stream (TS) inputs and one DVB-SPI TS input. It also has a 1 pps and a 10 MHz input which, together with the MIP packet embedded in the transport stream, are used for SFN synchronisation purposes. A loop-through 10 MHz output is available as well.

See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
  • 制造商: Promax
  • 模型: MO-180