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This appendix contains the operating instructions for the following option belonging to the COFDM modulator: MO-170

  • White noise generator for C/N testing.
  • Fixed and portable channel simulation in SFN/MFN networks.

    The MO-170 is a versatile professional DVB-T modulator providing a complete test suite, which can be used to perform measurements on the DVB-T signal chain at different points. In addition to the test modes typically found in other equipment, the MO-170 includes other novel features, such as the addition of white Gaussian noise with selectable C/N ratio and the simulation of fixed and mobile multipath channels with up to 6 taps of variable amplitude, delay, phase and Doppler frequency.

    The MO-170 offers the possibility of simulating dynamic and static multipath channels with five echoes (plus the main path).

    See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
    • 制造商: Promax
    • 模型: OP-170-E