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Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-OLK53-SM
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Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-OLK53-SM
  • AF-OM130; AF-OS430-ST; CATV Single Mode

    The Advanced Fiber Solution's OLK53SMST Test Kit is the complete solution necessary for the installer to test, terminate, trouble shoot and document fiber optic systems. The OLK53SMST is designed to allow testing of all parameters of fiber optic networks, including Hi-output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable. Kit includes OM130 meter CATV Meter, OS430ST Laser Source.

    OLK53SMST Package Contents:
    Product Manual(x2)
    AD100 (ST)
    Trim Tool
    Alco Wipe(x4)

    See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
    • 制造商: Advanced Fiber Solutions
    • 模型: AF-OLK53-SM