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Aeroflex-IFR 2968 TETRA Test Set
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The Aeroflex/IFR/Marconi 2968 TETRA Radio Test Set Version 3.2, is designed to provide faster, more comprehensive and easier to use tests for the routine terminal maintenance and repair operations normally undertaken by the emergency services and managed terminal suppliers. Automatic receiver (BER) testing using TTRF loopback enables the Rx sensitivity of the terminal to be tested automatically without the need for special test programs and interface connections or user intervention. The TETRA Equipment Identity (TEI) is obtained automatically from the terminal and included in the test results to identify the terminal under test, avoiding the risk of human error. The terminal's Power Class and Receiver Class are also obtained automatically so that the test program can apply the appropriate test limits. Up to six different types of call set-up and clear down can be specified in a built in test program to suit the capabilities of the terminal type to be tested and the degree of functional testing required. Group calls, private calls and telephone calls can be included that are both mobile originated and mobile terminated. Version 3.2 also includes extended TIP coverage including support for additional TIPv3 Part 1 Core Services, TIPv4 Part 6 Air Interface Migration and TIPv4 Part 8 Testing Requirements. TIPv3 Part 1 Core Services are supported in accordance with specification TTR 001-1 v3.0.13 including Registration, Individual Call, Group Management, Group Call, Emergency Call, Cell Re-Selection, SDS Status and Telephone Call. Particular enhancements include: Multiple Group Attachments with up to 40 talk groups are displayed to determine that the terminal has been correctly configured with the required groups and scanning priorities.
# Group Modifications are displayed to check the ability of the terminal to attach or detach groups or change the scanning priority of a group.
# Status Messages are displayed to check the terminal configuration. Defined status values are decoded, with status address: SSI (private), GSSI (group) or ESN (phone).
# DTMF Over-Dial digits are displayed to check that the terminal configuration enables the use of DTMF signalling during a telephone call. SDS-TL Text Messages are supported in accordance with TTR 001-2 v1.0.11 (TIPv3 Part 2). The enhancements include:
# Sending and Receiving Text Messages that are user configurable up to 120 characters.
# 7-bit GSM (Phone Mode) and 8-bit TETRA (Private Mode) coding schemes.
# Message Time Stamping is automatically included, if required.
# Short Form Message Reports can be sent and received when requested. TIPv4 Part 6 Air Interface Migration is supported in accordance with TTR 001-6 v1.0.0 enabling TETRA terminals that support migration to register to the IFR 2968 regardless of whether the country code (MCC) and network code (MNC) configured in the terminal match the corresponding parameters configured in the test set. This simplifies testing, particularly in cases where the terminal configuration is not known. Test Mode Registration and TETRA Test mode (TT) RF Loopback are supported in accordance with TTR 001-8 v1.0.0 (TIPv4 Part 8) enabling TETRA terminals which support TETRA Test mode to supply their Equipment Identity, Power Class and Receiver Class for test automation, as well as performing RF Loopback for measuring receiver sensitivity using the Bit Error Rate (BER) and Message Erasure Rate (MER).
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  • 模型: 2968