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Yokogawa AQ6370
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OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYZER. The AQ6370 uses a double-pass monochromator structure to achieve high wavelength resolution (0.02 nm) and wide close-in dynamic range (70 dB). Thus, closely allocated signals and noise can be separately measured. OSNR measurement of 50 GHz spacing DWDM transmission systems and EDFA evaluation with multiple wavelength sources can successfully be performed.

Power: +20 dBm to -90 dBm
The AQ6370 can measure optical power as high as +20 dBm, which enables direct measurement of high power sources such as optical amplifiers and pump lasers for Raman amplifiers. Measurement sensitivity can be chosen from seven categories according to test applications and measurement speed requirements.

Wavelength: 600 nm to 1700 nm
The AQ6370 covers not only telecommunication wavelengths, but also the visible light wavelength region which is used for home electronics, medical, and industrial material applications.

The AQ6370 uses a free space input structure that can handle up to GI 62.5/125 multimode fiber. Multimode fiber is commonly used in high speed Ethernet network, such as GE-PON.

The free space input is also beneficial for measurement repeatability as insertion loss variation at the input connector is smaller than the other input type which has an optical fiber inside the

The AQ6370 can catch the peak power of a pulsed signal using PEAK HOLD or using an externally provided trigger to synchronize with the measured signal. It can be applied to the transmission loop testing of telecommunication systems, and also to the low power measurement at the early stage of laser chip development since it works in the high sensitivity modes.

Key Features:

World Class Optical Performance & Flexibility*
  • High wavelength resolution: 0.02 nm
  • Wide close-in dynamic range
  • Multimode fiber test capability (up to GI 62.5/125?m)
  • Pulsed light measurement capability

    Improves Measurement Throughput
  • Fast measurement
  • Fast data transfer and storage

    Enhances User Friendliness
  • Supports mouse and keyboard operation (USB & PS/2)
  • Trace zoom capability

    Facilitates Frequent Data Handling
  • Large internal user memory (5000+ traces)
  • Supports USB 1.1 compatible large external storage devices

    Includes Wavelength Calibration Source
    Expedites Development of Automated Test Systems

  • Supports GP-IB, RS-232C, and Ethernet interfaces
  • Compatible with SCPI and supports AQ6317 series remote commands
  • Built-in simple macro programming function

    See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
    • 制造商: Yokogawa
    • 模型: AQ6370