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MTE PWS 2.3 Reference Standard
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The PWS 2.3 PLUS Portable Working Standard is a three-phase portable electronic meter test unit, used for testing single and three-phase electricity meters on site. The PWS2.3 PLUS allows checking of all meter installation parameters and associated circuits. The PWS 2.3 PLUS, with integrated instrument transformer test functions, is available in accuracy classes 0.1 or 0.2. The unit can be used either with a direct connection in the range of 1 mA ... 12 A, or by using a set of 3 active 100A error compensated clamp-on CT’s (included in the standard accessories set) in the range 10 mA …100 A. It is therefore possible to easily and accurately measure both CT and direct connected meters. The unit can be powered either from the measuring circuit or from an auxiliary single-phase supply.


  • Precision test equipment for AC values in the 45 Hz to 66 Hz frequency range
  • Wide measuring range with auto ranging
  • Display of vector diagram for analysis of mains conditions and meter connections
  • Measurements of wave forms and harmonics with display
  • Easy detection of circuit connection faults
  • Data memory for test results and customer data
  • Small dimensions and light in weight
  • Serial interface for data transfer (RS 232)


  • Active, reactive and apparent energy measurement for singlephase and three-phase, 3- or 4-wire, circuits with integrated error calculator
  • Impulse output for energy (galvanic isolated)
  • Registration of active, reactive and apparent energy for register testing
  • Active, reactive and apparent power measurements
  • Current and voltage measurements
  • Power factor measurements
  • Frequency measurements
  • Burden measurement of Current Transformer (CT) and Potential
  • Transformer (PT)
  • Ratio testing of Current Transformer (CT)
  • Ratio testing of Potential Transformer (PT) (option)


  • Software CALSOFT
  • Set of 3 clamp-on CT 10A (active error compensated)
  • Set of 3 clamp-on CT 1000A
  • Set of 3 flexible current probes LEMflex 30/300/3000A
  • Adapter box for AmpLiteWire with 3-phase BNC adapter
  • Adapter box for VoltLiteWire with 3-phase BNC adapter
  • Primary current sensor AmpLiteWire 2000A
  • Primary voltage sensor VoltLiteWire 40kV
  • 制造商: MTE
  • 模型: PWS 2.3