Burst Generators : Teseq Schaffner NSG 3025


Teseq-Schaffner NSG 3025 Burst Generator
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Discontinued and replaced by the Teseq NSG 3040.

NSG3025 Portable Burst Simulator
  • Compact, full-capability instrument
  • For standard tests to EN 61000-4-4, IEC 1000-4-4, etc.
  • Handles tests to product standards and company standards
  • Designed for certification, development laboratories and on-site use

Burst tests form a particularly powerful part of EMC test strategies: they are used to verify complete systems and identify disturbances in installations, as well for type testing. The high frequency components of the pulse help diagnose immunity failures caused by bad cabling or system composition, and can also indicate grounding problems

  • 制造商: Teseq Schaffner
  • 模型: NSG 3025