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Audio Precision SYS-2322A
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SYS2-322A System Two Dual Domain test set:

This model is also DSP-equipped, includes all SYS-2222 capability plus digital domain signal generation and analysis capability via digital input and output in the AES/EBU (balanced and unbalanced) and consumer (coaxial and optical) formats, plus parallel, and general purpose serial I/O. The SYS-2322 includes the most complete AES/EBU and consumer digital interface stimulus and measurement capability in the industry (INTERVU). With dual domain architecture, the analog hardware generator and analog hardware analyzer for analog domain devices are separate and independent from DSP modules which stimulate and analyze digital domain devices, including digital data testing with BITTEST.
  • 制造商: Audio Precision
  • 模型: SYS-2322A