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Sencore SL753D
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Signal Level Meter Sencore Channelizer SL753D

The SL753D is an easy-to-use, hand-held signal level meter that tunes by frequency or channel from 5-810 MHz including sub-band and UHF channels. Test signal levels anywhere in your system from -35 dBmV to +60 dBmV automatically without change.

* All channel/frequency tuning from 5 to 863 MHz including UHF and optional sub-band to meet your system testing needs now and in the future
* Auto attenuation across the entire -35 dBmV to +60 dBmV measurement range enabling you to make measurements anywhere in your system
* Easy-to-use, one button operation with a digital display of the key signal parameters (Video, Audio and non-intrusive Hum) you need for system testing without interpretation errors
* Pre-programmed with Standard Cable channels, IRC, HRC, VHF, UHF channel plans or can be easily customized for your system testing needs Hand-held, rugged and weather proof design makes the unit ready for any environment, plus the back-lit digita
  • 制造商: Sencore
  • 模型: SL753D