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Wavetek 3SR
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System Sweep Receiver

The Wavetek hand-held System Sweep Receiver performs essential cable TV system preventive maintenance tests with accuracy and ease. Signal levels, hum, C/N, and frequency response can be quickly tested without subscriber interference.

The Sweep System is made up of two components; the 3SR Receiver, and 3ST Transmitter. The contents of this manual will describe the care and operation of the 3SR Receiver, including Reverse Sweep option using the 3HRV Headend Reverse Sweep Receiver.

Frequency response is tested by injecting a low level signal in vacant spectrum areas, and monitoring cable system carrier levels in occupied spectrum areas. In addition to generating the sweep test signal, the 3ST Transmitter continuously monitors the system carriers. The 3ST sends headend level readings to the 3SR Receiver with every sweep update. In this way, any headend level changes are compensated by the receiver to maintain the utmost measurement accuracy.
  • 制造商: Wavetek
  • 模型: 3SR