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Tektronix 7CT1N
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If you already own a 7000-series mainframe and you need a good, basic curve tracer, why pay for an entire new power supply and CRT? Consider the 7CT1N Curve Tracer Plug-In! This curve tracer will operate in either the vertical or horizontal compartment of the 7000-series mainframe. Vertical deflection factors are selectable from 10 nA/div to 20 mA/div while horizontal steps range from 0.5 V/div to 20 V/div. The 7CT1N will test semiconductor devices at up to 0.5 watts. This easy to use curve tracer tests transistors, diodes, FETs, and other devices with a simple two knob operation. Banana plugs are provided for connections to the DUT as well as a test adapter for TO-5 and TO-18 devices.
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: 7CT1N