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Kingsine KS813B
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0.1 Class AC/DC 750V/25A (120%) Power Source

Phase AC/DC Standard Power These built-ins are high precision standard sources that respectively relate to voltage, current, phase, power, power factor and harmonic. Capable of outputting standard voltage, current, phase, active power, cross-phase reactive power and true reactive power; Make use of software to realize closed loop control on all outputs guaranteeing its low drift and its steady annual stability. Current generator provides the function of open-circuit protection and open-circuit alert in itself. While Voltage generator possesses the functions of short-circuit protection. Capable of outputting 2-31 times harmonic at will, of which 2-19 times are those standard outputs in 0.1 class while 20-31 times are those standard outputs in 0.2 class Acts as 3-phase AC standard source, as 3-phase DC standard source, 3-phase power standard source and 3-phase harmonic standard source. Displaying popup Menu in English version by large TFT LCD, allows multi-operation modes. (1) Rotary encoder operation (2) Slight-touch style keyboard? (3) Operation under PC Windows System Built-in RS232 port allows software upgrade without opening up the external box. The shock & impact resistance external box is made of high intensity aluminum alloy. Inside are reliable high-power heating radiator units, and the equipment is durable to use.

KS813B 0.1 class AC/DC 750V/25A(120%) Power Source 27kg 4kg 10kg 44kg
  • 制造商: Kingsine
  • 模型: KS813B