Level Meters : Wandel Goltermann SPM-19


Wandel Goltermann SPM-19
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The SPM19 Selective Level Meter is used for carrying out the level, noise and phase jitter measurements that occur when balanced and coaxial FDM communication systems with up to 3600 speech channels are developed, manufactured, installed and maintained. The unit is also suitable for measurements at the lower multiplex level of single sideband radio-link systems, and on single telephone channels. The unit contains a synthesizer whose spectral features are low spurious modulation and high spectral purity. The frequency can be set via a keypad, tuned continuously, or tuned via step and automatic step facilities.

* Frequency Range (coaxial): 50Hz to 25MHz
* Frequency Range (balanced): 50Hz to 14MHz
  • 制造商: Wandel Goltermann
  • 模型: SPM-19