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Ando AQ8423B
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* Employs optical pulse-method for the optical method
* High-performance DFB-LD light source can be build in
* Optical amplifier input level exceeds +3dBm(2mW)
* Enabels NF measurement by measuring the beat noise between optical fiber amplifier signal power and ASE power
* High-accuracy gain and NF measurements
* Simple configuration and operation provides substantial savings in time and cost for both R&D and production line applications
* East maintenance

Other Info:
Ando AQ8423B optical amplifier employs a new optical technique the pulse method for easy,accurate evaluation of optical fiber amplifiers.This measurement system is also to provide accurate measurements even when the input level of the optical amplifier signal is high, a challenging task with conventional measurement systems. It is available in two models type A with a built-in optical booster amplifier and type B without the optical booster amplifier.
  • 制造商: Ando
  • 模型: AQ8423B