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The Anritsu MG3690B series of broadband signal generators covers both RF and microwave frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 70 GHz. For mmW frequencies the MG3690B s coverage can be extended up to 325 GHz or beyond with external multipliers. Thus the MG3690B series is an ideal signal source for both RF and microwave requirements fully configurable from simple to high performance applications.

The MG3690B microwave signal generator series also offers the highest output power best-in-class spectral purity and fastest switching speed. For example the MG3692B can provide guaranteed +23 dBm at 20 GHz with -94 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1 kHz offset while typically switching at 5 ms per point! This level of performance eliminates the need for external amplification enables the verification the toughest spectral purity requirements and greatly reduces test times. If 5 ms per point is not fast enough then switch to the optional analog ramp sweep for even faster measurements.

The MG3690B also offers a full suite of modulation capabilities for signal simulations from simple to the most complex. These modulation options include Amplitude (AM) Frequency (FM) Phase (M) and Pulse (PM). The MG3690B can be configured to perform these modulations simultaneously via either internal or external waveform generators. For IQ modulation the IF input option allows the easy up-conversion of an externally IQ-modulated RF signal.

The MG3690B replaces the original MG3690A signal generator offering higher output power and faster frequency switching speed. Whether you have a requirement for a high power local oscillator that can deliver up to a half watt typically at 20 GHz or you want to decrease the test time of an ATE station by greater than two folds the MG3690B will exceed your expectations. The MG3690B preserves full backward compatibility with the MG3690A and previous 68C/69B series of RF and microwave signal generators.

The MG3690B family of microwave signal generators is not only ideal in performance for nearly every application but it is also extremely configurable to meet your exact needs. Choose between many performance and capability options to minimize your investment level while maintaining confidence to affordably upgrade for future needs. The MG3690B is also reliable and backed with a complete 3-year warranty as a standard feature.

  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: MG3692B