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Marconi-Aeroflex-IFR 2026Q-03-04
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The Marconi (also sold as Aeroflex/IFR) 2026Q Works directly with a CDMA radio test set to produce a fully integrated radio receiver test solution for CDMA cellular and PCS systems in accordance with IS-97-A/IS-98-A. It is designed to produce a fully calibrated combined RF output containing any mix of internally generated interference signals from its two RF sources, together with a calibrated signal path for a radio test set transmit output. A return path from the transceiver back to the radio test set receiver input is also provided through the instrument. Eliminates Mechanical RF Switching as a Single Box Solution for CDMA.

Also sold as as IFR 2026Q and Aeroflex 2026Q.


Range:110kHz to 2.4GHz with a resolution of 1Hz
Ouptut resoulution: 0.1dB or 3 digits for linear units
Individual outputs -137dBm to +24dBm

Option 01= Add Third Internal Source
Option 03= High Stability Frequency Standard
Option 04= Rear Panel Outputs
  • 制造商: Marconi
  • 模型: 2026Q-03-04