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Kikusui PAM160-25
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Variable-Switching DC Regulated Power Supply (160V, 25A)

The PAM Series consists of large-capacity, variable-switching DC power supplies based on the seemingly incompatible design concepts of high quality and good cost performance. This Series offers large-capacity power devices to limit temperature rise, minimizing temperature dependence and improving reliability. Models in this Series also offer a TP-BUS-based digital communication function and can be configured for a power supply system of up to 434 channels in combination with power supply controllers in the PIA4800 Series. The PAM Series products are suitable for power sources such as burn-in and aging equipment.


  • Front air-intake method
    Models in this series do not require radiation space at the upper and lower parts of the main body, allowing greater installation density when installing into a rack. They also incorporate air filters in the louver to protect interiors against dust, a common problem with forced-air cooling.
  • Handling margin testing with capacity to spare
    As DC-DC converters, batteries, automobile electrical components, and motor-operated tools have shifted to high voltage or large capacity formats, the voltage ranges required for margin testing have changed. To meet these changing needs, the PAM Series provides a rated output voltage range of 40 V, 80 V, 160 V and 320 V. This allows the PAM Series to handle tests at 150% of 24 V (36 V) or at 150% of 48 V (72 V) with capacity to spare.
  • Master-slave parallel operation
    The PAM Series 4kW model (with a parallel operation option) supports master-slave parallel (expanded current) operation. Up to three units of the model (with a rated output capacity of 12 kW) can be connected.
  • Master-slave parallel operation is possible only for 4kW models with the same rated output voltage/current.
  • External analog control functions
  • Analog read-back function
    • 制造商: Kikusui
    • 模型: PAM160-25