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Kikusui PIA4820
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EXPANSION UNIT (Up to 3units of PIA4820 can be connected to each PIA4810 or PIA4830)

PIA4820 is an expansion unit that can be connected to the PIA4810 or PIA4830 via a TP-BUS to provide additional control channels. In the same way as the PIA4810, it allows a maximum of 4 control boards to be installed.
Then it is possible to use up to 3 units of PIA4820 as an expansion that can be connected to the PIA4810 via the TP-BUS, the system is capable of controlling a maximum of 32 channels. Moreover, the combined use of the GPIB and TP-BUS allows the system to control a maximum of 448 channels.

PIA4830 is a power supply controller only for digital control. It is capable of digitally controlling a system up to 32 channels of such Kikusui PAS, PAM(
  • 1) and PMR Series DC power supplies via the TP-BUS.

    OP01-PIA and OP02-PIA are control boards designed exclusively for the PIA4810 and PIA4820. A single control board is capable of analog control of 2 channels of DC power supplies or electronic loads. The OP01-PIA is a full-control board with voltage and current setting and read-back functions, while the OP02-PIA4800 has only the voltage and current setting feature.

  • ) The TP-BUS interface option is factory installed option, this option should be indicated when ordering.
    • 制造商: Kikusui
    • 模型: PIA4820