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Tektronix CSA803
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The Tektronix CSA803 Communications Signal Analyzer offers High resolution and repeatability; 8.8 ps Risetime; 200 kHz sample rate ("real-time" feel); single-ended and differential TDR and TDT, timing resolution to 0.01 ps, 8 bit vertical resolution, statistical measurements, automated testing, and up to 50 GHz bandwidth (depending on sampling head used). The CSA803 is perfect for semiconductor device testing, TDR characterization of circuit boards, IC packages, cables and high-speed digital communication measurements. The CSA803 accepts up to two, dual-channel SD series sampling heads and has built in trigger capability of up to 10 GHz through the prescaler. The CSA803 also performs telecom mask testing. Once the CSA counts the individual and total samples that fall in each of the defined masks, it is simple to define the masks for standards testing such as the FDDI pulse template or the SDH/SONET eye-pattern mask. This capability can easily be extended to other CCITT and ANSI standards which specify pulse templates or eye-pattern masks. Once defined the masks can be stored for future use.

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    • 制造商: Tektronix
    • 模型: CSA803