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Hioki 8825
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The 8825 can record 16 analog channels and 32 logic channels simultaneously, and the analog channels are all isolated from each other. The GUI (graphical user interface) indicates the function of each key by an ionic symbol. This makes it much easier to use. Additionally the 10-inch display provides greater overall visibility. The 8825 has a thermal printer using 264 mm-wide recording paper, and the high resolution of 8 dots/ mm makes even large recordings smooth. Themral paper is inexpensive and so the greater the volume of use, the more the cost saving. The new version adds full FFT capability, allowing applications to use spectral analysis, transfer function calculation, octave analysis and so forth. The 8825 also has a full range of features for wavefrom differentiation, finding effective values, and waveform discrimination.
  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: 8825