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Wavetek 650-1
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The 650 2 MHz Variable Phase Synthesizer represents the ultimate in variable phase generator design. It combines superb phase accuracy (0.005 at low frequencies) synthesizer frequency accuracy high output amplitude capability (up to 50 V p-p) and excellent stability. These features allow it to work in any lab. Since it s completely IEEE-488 programmable has two channel outputs (expandable to 4 channels) and cascades as many as ten Model 650's (40 channels) it ll do whatever you want. It generates sine and square waves from 0 .1mHz to 2MHz and ramp and triangle waves from 0.1mHz to 200kHz. Option (1) - Adds 2 additional channels (4 total)
  • 制造商: Wavetek
  • 模型: 650-1