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JDSU FST-2310-P3
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JDSU FST-2310-P3 The world's easiest-to-use handheld OC-48 tester

The FST-2310 TestPad has put the power to provision, troubleshoot, and maintain DS0 to OC-48 services in your hands, minimizing lost revenue on your network.

* Comprehensive testing with multirates, multiservices, and multimodes.
* Easy-to-use, touch-screen graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies and expedites testing.
* Engineered for the field with rugged construction, lightweight design, and battery-powered operation.
* Modular TestPad 2000 architecture enables up-to-date support for established and emerging technologies in a single platform.
* Automated testing features minimize training costs and testing complexity.
* Remote control functionality using the module's GUI.

* Perform end-to-end BER testing using a wide range of stress test patterns.
* Analyze network performance by simulating abnormal conditions and inserting various errors and alarms.
* Perform in-service monitoring of the circuit under test to ensure Quality of Service (QoS).
* Verify proper provisioning of network multiplexers and demultiplexers.
* Verify proper network timing by measuring jitter at DS1 and DS3 tributary interfaces.
* Qualify protocol services such as ATM, GR-303, and ISDN and decode protocol messages.
* Perform bulk payload testing on SDH circuits at STM-1c/-4c/-16c rates.
  • 制造商: JDSU
  • 模型: FST-2310-P3