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Key Features Conducts Bit Error Rate (BER) testing to speed certify Ethernet data transmission speed up to 1000BASE-T (1 Gb/s) Measures Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Skew to uncover impairments to Ethernet data transmission Tests for opens, shorts, split pairs, miswires, and reversals and measures distance to opens and shortssupports all network, telco, and coax cables Identifies cable termination on active Ethernet ports with hub flash Performs port discovery to detect advertised Ethernet speed and displays capabilities of network devices (Validator-NT) Pings network devices to verify connectivity to active equipment (Validator-NT) Includes Plan-Um software to create network layout, document cable tests, show network topology, and record moves, adds, and changes
  • 制造商: JDSU
  • 模型: NT955