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JDSU E81WDMPMD WDM / PMD Module for MTS6000 & MTS8000

The combination of the PMD Analyzer with a T-BERD 6000 or 8000 platform offers a lightweight,handheld and rugged field instrument suitable for any PMD measurement requirement. The PMD Module is based on the standardized Fixed Analyzer method. Performs PMD, DWDM and Spectral Attenuation (SA) test capabilities under one handle. Wavelength: Accuracy +/- 10pm Sweep Time (real time) 1.5s Optical Bandwidth (FWHM) 30pm Power Level: Display range -90dbm at +30dbm Measurement range on a channel -79dbm at +10dbm Noise floor -86dbm Accuracy +/-0.5db max
  • 制造商: JDSU
  • 模型: E81WDMPMD