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Noisecom UFX7110
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100Hz-1.5GHz Programable Multi-Purpose Noise Generator

The NoiseCom UFX7000 Series Noise Generators represent the state of the art in noise generators. Utilizing dedicated keys and a 4x20 LCD display the UFX series is both user friendly and powerful. They can be controlled manually by means of front panel controls, or, alternately, they can be controlled remotely by means of a controller via IEEE 488 (GPIB). These Instruments operate remotely only in the listen mode. The case is 17" wide, 5.25" high and 12.5" deep. It is equipped with front panel handles and fold down feet.

The instrument's flexible architecture allows many options to be specified:
Switched filter bank: Acts on noise and allows up to four filters to be connected. The filters can be specified in any combination of bandpass, lowpass, highpass, or notch. A thru line and set of terminations (RF loads) are also included. If no filters are specified, filter connections are supplied on the back panel. Available on signal side also. Output combiner: Allows the user to inject a signal and add a controlled amount of noise. Signal attenuator: Available in 0.1 or 1 dB steps to 127 dB.

The instruments allow the noise attenuator, noise filter, signal attenuator values, step size, and signal filter setting to be selected in three ways: at the front panel keypad, remotely via IEEE-488 bus, or automatically under program control.

Every front panel operation except instrument on/ off is programmable. Programs are easily written using the program key, and information on the display guides the user through the next steps. Nine user- created programs that contain subroutines, delay times, and loops can be stored in non-volatile memory.
  • 制造商: Noisecom
  • 模型: UFX7110