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Keithley 2400-C
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Keithley 2400C General-Purpose SourceMeter Measurements up to 200V and 1A, 20W Power Output

The Model 2400-C SourceMeter is a 20W instrument that allows sourcing and measuring voltage from +/-5 MicroV (sourcing) and +/-1 MicroV (measuring) to +/-200V DC and current from +/-10pA to +/-1A. It's well-suited for testing a wide range of devices, including diodes, resistors, resistor networks, active circuit protection devices, and portable battery-powered devices and components. It's also useful for systems power sourcing and IDDQ testing applications. The Contact Check function makes it simple to maximize test integrity by verifying test connections easily in just 350 Micros before an automated test sequence begins. This eliminates measurement errors and false product failures associated with contact fatigue, breakage, contamination, loose or broken connection, relay failures, etc.
  • 制造商: Keithley
  • 模型: 2400-C