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Time Electronics 1006 DC Millivolt Source

The 1006 is an accurate low cost millivolt source suitable for voltage injection applications. Three output ranges are provided to give adjustable output values from 1V to 1V with a basic 0.02% accuracy. For signal injection, the operator needs to switch on, check the battery condition, select the range, and set the required voltage using the thumbwheel switches. The 1006 uses a precision reference diode and low temperature co-efficient resistors to give a highly stable output.

Power is provided by 6 AA batteries. Battery life is several months, depending on usage. The battery condition is monitored by an indicator, which is mounted on the top of the unit. The 1006 has up to 20 mA drive current and is short circuit and overload protected. An off/normal/reverse output polarity switch is provided.
  • 制造商: Time Electronics
  • 模型: 1006