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Agilent N5341A
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Key Specifications

Now you can get the capabilities you need with the N5341A analysis and stimulus solution.
-Full link layer test capabilities
-Up to 5 pairs of unidirectional links between the baseband and the RF modules
-Supports 1x 2x & 4x link speeds
-Emulate link layers of Baseband, RF module, remote RF module and/or CCM
-Fully configurable RP3 & RP3-01 frames for transmission.
-Fully configurable RP1 sync burst generation, RP1 reception.
-Full Ethernet & Control message support
-Allows multiple error insertion


The Agilent Technologies N5341A Base Station Link Test Module and the N5340A Base Station Test Extension Module operate within the modular N2X chassis to provide the link level stimulus and acquisition capabilities required to independently debug and test the link layer of an OBSAI Baseband, RF or remote RF module or component.

Module link emulation and deterministic Traffic generation help you test independently the baseband and RF modules.

Error insertion capabilities help test the robustness of your DUT, and analyze how quickly it recovers from link errors and exceptions.

Triggering capabilities help you observe the activity on a bus when a specific event happens helping you find the root cause of complex problems.
With this versatile architecture, you can use the same platform from the bus design phase to system level test, so you reduce your expenditure on test equipment.

This common, scalable system for device emulation and link analysis protects your financial investment for years to come.

  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: N5341A