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Agilent Option-N5183A-532-802
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Agilent/HP N5183A Microwave Signal Generation

N5183A MXG microwave analog signal generators deliver the performance needed for broadband component manufacturing up to 40 GHz.
Units are configured with one of the following options:
520 = Frequency range from 100kHz to 20GHz
532 = Frequency range from 100kHz to 31.8GHz
540 = Frequency range from 100kHz to 40GHz

Available Options:
006 = Instrument security
1CM = Rackmount kit
1CN = Front handle kit
1CP = Rackmount with front handle kit
1CR = Rack slide kit
1E1 = Step attenuator
1EA = High output power
1ED = Type-N (f) RF output connector
1EM = Move RF output to rear panel
1ER = Flexible reference input (1-50MHz)
802 = Customer Service Kit N5183A-520 Front Panel 3.5mm and Type-N RF connector
803 = Customer Service Kit N5183A-520 Rear Panel 3.5 mm RF connector
804 = Customer Service Kit N5183A-520 Rear Panel Type-N RF connector
805 = Customer Service Kit N5183A-532/540 Front Panel RF connector
806 = Customer Service Kit N5183A-532/540 Rear Panel RF connector
AXT = Hard transit case
UNT = AM, FM, phase modulation
UNU = Pulse modulation
UNW = Narrow pulse modulation
UNZ = Fast frequency switching speed

  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: Option-N5183A-532-802