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Tektronix SG5010
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The SG5010 Programmable Oscillator generates a ultra-low distortion sine wave from 10Hz to 163.8kHz with less than 0.0008% THD. The THD is typically less than 0.0003% in the 20Hz to 20kHz range. The unit offers the full benefits of TM 5000 configurability, GPIB compatibility, and compliance with Tektronix Standard Codes and Formats. It generates five waveforms: sine wave, square wave, SMPTE/DIN intermodulation test signal, CCIF intermodulation test signal, and sine wave burst. All of these signals may be swept in frequency and amplitude.

Options at additional cost:
  • 01 IM Test Signal
  • 02 Balanced Output plus 1M. Includes: Cable assembly for sync output (175-1178-00)
    • 制造商: Tektronix
    • 模型: SG5010