Transmission Test Set : TTC 1500A


TTC 1500A
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TTC 41500
TTC 41500
TTC 1500
TTC 1500
The FIREBERD 1500A Data Error Test Set is designed for testing the transmission quality of digital communications circuits. It is a multifunction instrument capable of performing a comprehensive set of measurements to evaluate the protocol-insensitive characteristics of digital communications systems. It performs error analysis from 50 b/s to 15 Mb/s, can use up to 18 interchangeable data interfaces, completes in-service and out-of-service measurements and can perform long-term and unattended testing. It has full remote control capabilities with both RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces. Able to test over a wide range of data rates--with synchronous, asynchronous, or recovered timing, this unit is an exceptional value for your testing needs.
  • 制造商: TTC
  • 模型: 1500A