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AnaPico AG APSIN6000HC
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AnaPico APSIN6000HC 9 kHz - 6500 MHz CW Signal Generator with frontpanel user interface & PC control

The APSIN6000 is a low-noise and fast-switching CW signal source covering a frequency range from 9 kHz up to 6.4 GHz. The APSIN3000 signal generator unifies excellent technical performance with true portability in a tiny and robust enclosure. It is targeted for applications where a high-quality CW source is required, regardless whether in crowded indoor environments or (internal battery powered) outdoor applications. It offers an alternative to expensive high-end RF signal generators, where small size and excellent RF performance at an attractive cost is required. The very compact and rugged design of the APSIN allows multiple units to be stacked in crowded environments like laboratories or production test facilities.

A 19 inch rack-mount solution is also available. Light weight (less than three kilograms fully equipped) and optionally internal rechargeable batteries make the APSIN an easy-to-use truly portable instrument. The APSIN operates with an ultra-stable temperature compensated 100 MHz reference (OCXO, <100 ppb accuracy and temperature stability) and can be phase-locked to a selectable external reference. Multiple units can be synchronized daisy-chaining the units reference inputs and outputs. Integration of multiple signal sources within a production test environment is now easy, affordable and repeatable.

The APSIN uses a standard Ethernet LAN interface (RJ-45) with a TCP/IP protocol and uses SCPI 1999 command language, enabling remote control over the LAN or from any PC or Laptop computer. The instrument is supplied with a quickly installed graphical user interface (GUI). Additional supplied software (API, DLLs) enable straightforward integration of the signalgenerator into larger automated test systems or measurement equipment. An intuitive front panel with rotary knob allow easy direct access to all the functionality of the APSIN

Available Options:
B3 - Internal Rechargeable Battery
PE - Extended Power Range
PE2 - Power range Extension to -140dBm
RM - 19" Rackmount kit
  • 制造商: AnaPico AG
  • 模型: APSIN6000HC