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Elgar SW5250A AC / DC Power Source, 5250 VAC

The Elgar SW5250A Power Source is part of the SmartWave Series (SW) of AC power sources. The SW5250A offers powerful waveform creation for ATE and power line disturbance simulation testing. Three separate arbitrary waveform generators enable the SmartWave to create independent, complex waveforms on all three phases simultaneously. The Elgar SmartWave is designed to meet waveform requirements including DC content (up to 312V), low distortion (THD 0.25% to 100 Hz), low noise and ripple, plus full compliance testing to EMC standards.

At 8-3/4 inches high, the SW 5250A, the Elgar SW5250A delivers the most power in the smallest package. It weighs only 127 pounds, and offers the highest power density in the industry. The SW Series is expandable from 1.75 kVA to 21 kVA. Unlike other AC power sources, the SmartWave delivers full rated power to 45 degrees C.

Key features of the Elgar SW5250A Power Source include:
-Powerful Waveshape and Waveform Creation
-The SmartWave can easily create fractional or multi-cycle dropouts, spikes, surges, sags and distorted waveforms from the front panel. To simulate these complex real-world power occurrences, the SmartWave comes with a library of 50 built-in waveshapes. Users can create and store an additional 50 waveshapes of their own design.
-Output voltages are created by adding amplitude, frequency and other parameters to the waveshapes. The user can also create over 50 custom front panel setups with all parameters included and store them for quick recall, making the SmartWave ideal for manual testing.
-Sequence Programming
-Complex sequence or event programming is easy with time or cycle based transient segments. The sequence library is made up of a total of 1000 segments stored as labeled sequences.
-A sequence of up to 100 segments using up to 32 different waveshapes, arranged in any combination, can be run at any one time. The 32 waveshapes can be selected from the 50 factory supplied and 50 user created waveshapes. By setting the time or number of cycles for each segment, the user can create waveform sequences that allow automatic testing for most any standard.
-AC and/or DC Output
-A direct coupled, transformerless design allows AC and DC on separate phases or on the same phase. The SmartWave can be used as a true DC power supply. High DC content waveforms (up to 312 volts) can be created with no derating of output power, even with 100% reactive loads. This can eliminate the need for a separate DC supply.
-Graphic LCD Display
-The SmartWave has a graphic LCD display for previewing and confirming the waveforms before connecting the output to the load. The menus are easy to follow with the overlay paging format. Users can select menus, slew voltage and frequency with a handy knob on the front panel. Front panel signal and sync outputs allow three phase scope viewing.
-Powerful DSP2 Waveform Programming
-Waveform programming is easily accomplished using the optional DSP PC software. The software allows freehand creation of waveforms, using a mouse or mathematical expressions. Real-world waveforms can be uploaded and modified when using a digital scope. The waveforms can then be downloaded to the SmartWave via GPIB and output to exactly simulate real-world conditions.
-Flexibility in Power Ranges
-The 5250A three phase unit can be switched to single phase or vice versa, simply by menu selection (and appropriate output wiring changes). Utilizing a master/slave arrangement, The Elgar SW5250A can be paralleled for incrementally higher power requirements, e.g. one master/one slave = SW 10500 (10.5 kVA). As many as 3 slave chassis may be paralled with a master to form a 21 kVA system. Options include input power factor correction, measurement capability, plus 5 and 26 VAC auxiliary outputs.
-Waveshape Library
-There are 50 factory-supplied waveshapes in the SmartWave. Following are examples of the types of waveshapes in the library:
-Sine Wave
-Square Wave
-Triangle Wave
-Clipped Sine Waves
-Sine Waves with Spikes
-Fractional Dropouts
-Sine wave with dropout (0V from 0 degrees to 90 degrees )
-Sine waves with +/-1-50% DC offset
-(+/-)DC with 3% and 10% ripple
-Fourier square waves with harmonics
-Taylor series waves
-Sine wave with noise at zero crossing

The Elgar SW5250A SmartWave Power Source is designed for testing today s complex electronics, including avionics, telecommunications and commercial electronics requiring low profile, light weight power supplies. Other applications include:
-Testing for real world power conditions using different waveforms on all 3 phases (including DC)
-Load susceptibility testing with sequence or event programming and multiple voltage harmonics
-Power line disturbance simulation testing
-MIL-STD-704, DO-160 and ABD100 avionics testing
-Power supply testing for AC-DC, DC-DC converters and UPS s
-Fluorescent lighting characteristics testing (IES LM-41-1985)
-Transients on 12 & 24 VDC for automotive applications

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  • 模型: SW5250A