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Surge Transient Generator

The Velonex 510 is an easy-to-operate completely solid-state and fully shielded instrument, providing bursts of sine waves. This unit is completely protected against damage by a momentary and sustatined external short. It is fully shielded to prevent extraneous burst signals from feeding into any external equipment and solid-state design eliminates jitter and erratic performance.

  • Output Isolation: Provided on the inner conductors of two type UG-931 high-voltage connectors. Output may be directly applied to any power line voltage up to 500 Vrms
  • Shielding: Transient burst signal generator is fully-shielded to prevent unwanted radiation or conduction of signal
  • Monitor Output: A low-level 1000:1 attenuated output referenced to ground is provided for scope monitoring
  • Trigger Output: A front panel scope trigger output signal is provided
  • High Voltage: Two push buttons (located on opposite sides of the instrument) must be simultaneously pushed in order to obtain high-voltage output
  • Input Voltage: 115V +/-10%, 60 Hz
  • Input Power: 80W
  • Output Voltage: (Open Circuit; crest of 1st Half Cycle Peak) Variable by front panel control from 1.5kV (<300V with a more rapid envelope decay) to 2.5kV
  • Source Impedance: Selectable 100 ohms, 150 ohms, 300 ohms, 600 ohms, 1200 ohms
  • Test Burst Rep Rate: Manual one-shot, plus continuously variable from <20 bursts per second to >120 bursts per second, plus 50 or 60 Hz synchronized with power line, plus 100 or 120 Hz synchronized with power line. Phase or burst is adjustable through >320 degrees with respect to power line frequency
  • Test Duration: Continuously adjustable from <2 seconds to >10 seconds
  • 制造商: Velonex
  • 模型: 510