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Pendulum/Naviva GSG-L1 GPS Signal Generator

The GSG-L1 is a GPS signal generator that emulates a single GPSL1 signal. The main application is a simple but very fast manufacturing test, to assure that the assembly is correct, that the antenna is properly connected, and that the receiver can receive and identify a satellite signal.

GSG-L1 provides a fast and cost-effective solution for production test of GPS-receivers in e.g. mobile phones with integrated GPS-receivers. Thanks to the wide RF level range from 70 to 170 dBm (-70 to -150 dBm calibrated), the sensitivity of all types of GPS receivers can be verified with a minimum of delay.

The GSG-L1 GPS Signal Generator generates an RF-signal, an L1 carrier that is BPSK modulated with the C/A code and navigation signal. The navigation data is transferred to the GSG-L1 via the RS232 interface port from a host computer SW. A PC control program is supplied, with an utility able to generate GPS subframes from existing RINEX files.
  • 制造商: Pendulum Instruments
  • 模型: GSG-L1