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BK Precision 4051
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The B&K Precision model 4051 is a programmable multifunction generator that is extremely versatile and affordable. It is a perfect instrument for R&D, Manufacturing Test Systems and Service and Repair. Because it is so versatile the 4051 is ideal for Educational and Training applications. Along with the standard features you would expect on a function generator the 4051 features an adjustable triple output switching power supply, universal logic probe, auto-ranging frequency counter and a digital voltmeter. All of these features allow you to analyze and measure many aspects of an electronic circuit.
-20 MHz Sweep Function Generator
-35 MHz Universal Logic Probe
-80 W Triple Output Switching Power Supply
-Auto-Ranging Frequency and Totalize Counter
-Auto-ranging Voltmeter


Wave forms -Sine, Square, Triangle, +/-Pulse, +/-Ramp

Range -0.15 Hz to 20 MHz in 8 ranges

Resolution -0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 Hz Display

Tuning Range -Coarse: 10:1, Fine: +/-3% of Coarse Setting

Variable Duty Cycle -15:85:15 Continuously variable

Operating Modes -Normal, Sweep, VCG, AM, FM, Single Burst, Multiple Burst

Frequency Stability -(+/-)0.2% of the tuning frequency

  • 制造商: BK Precision
  • 模型: 4051