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Wandel Goltermann SPM-30
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SPM30 Level Meter, coaxial 200 Hz to 1.62 MHz; Balanced 200 Hz to 620 kHz

The SPM 30 and SPM31 Level Meters are used for level measurements on FDM communications systems operating with a small or medium numberof channels. Owing to their compactness and operation free of a.c. power, these Level Meters are particularly suitable for mobile service in maintenance and for measuring on communications systems actually carrying traffic. So the SPM-30 and SPM-31 are especially useful to Postal Administrations, Railways, or Public Utility Companies. Moreover, in service measurements on the VFT System FM 120 is possible (100 Hz bandwidth version). Owing to the accuracy and versatility of the SPM 30 and SPM 31, many applications are also found in the original manufacture and testing of these systems or of the individual modules in a system. If the Generator has been incorporated, the combination is a complete measuring setup for attenuation and gain measurements. The send and receive frequencies can be offset from one another while making end to end measurements when the PS 30 Level Generator is used also.
  • 制造商: Wandel Goltermann
  • 模型: SPM-30