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Ramsey STE2902C
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  • Wireless device testing
  • Perfect for 802.11a, b, g
  • Bluetooth, RFID, 3G testing
  • Wide variety of I/O options
  • Super isolation up to 18GHz
  • Stock models to fit your custom applications

    A large number of manufacturers requested a dual rack mount test system in a stand alone package. This was for benchtop and field use, where existing 19" rack cabinets were not available. We took our highly popular STE2902 dual WLAN test enclosure and installed it in a high impact shock road case! This provided not only a self contained test system, but a convenient method to ship the STE2900 system! Special rear mount supports are included to withstand shipping and road abuse. As a plus, the shock cases are "keyed" on the top and bottom to provide locked stacking of multiple units. All this in a case that measures 19.2" high!
    • 制造商: Ramsey
    • 模型: STE2902C