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Sartech BT100A-R
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SARTECH BT100A-R Palmtop Beacon Tester measure 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz

The BT100 series is a complete measurement solution. Measures all Cospas-Sarsat frequency channels and decodes all Cospas-Sarsat protocols. Measures 406 MHz parameters, 121.5 MHz parameters, along with graphic displays of the 406 MHz power during the burst, the 406 MHz phase modulation, and the in-band 406 MHz frequency spectrum. The internal TCXO allows for a frequency measurement accuracy of +/- 100 Hz, or connect an external 10 MHz reference for a very accurate frequency measurement. Let the internal antenna receive the transmitting beacon signal from very close, to a distance greater than 10 metres, or use the direct coax input connection to measure 5W directly from the beacon (no attenuator required!). Automatically saves all measurements in an easy-to-use file system. Creates an html file for printing a Test Report via desktop/network using the ActivesyncTM cable, or memory card. The user can add text notes or audio comments to the measurement.

  • 制造商: Sartech
  • 模型: BT100A-R