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Sartech QRT-101
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SARTECH QRT-101 Portable Soft Screened Cage (soft version of the FC2)

- Allows testing in operational mode?
- Reduces risk of false alerts?
- Compatible with SARTECH EPIRB and SART testers??
- Available as a rigid box or as a soft collapsible bag?
- Transportable for use on site

A test box or bag using the Faraday Cage principle allows distress transmitters to be tested without radiating a signal likely to cause a false alert.

Elimination of ambient radar signals also allows SARTs to be tested for correct "standby" operation.

The box, model FC2, is seam-welded aluminium, lined with broadband microwave absorbent foam to cut down internal reflection. This prevents abnormal loading of the transmitter under test, and allows a clean signal to be passed to external test equipment. The lid is hinged and self-supporting, and is sealed with Copper/Beryllium finger strips.

The bag, QRT-101, is manufactured from nylon cordura coated with polyurethane. The inner layers are two sheets of copper-nickle on polyester substrate. All seams are double folded for strength and prevention of signal leakage. The enclosure is water resistant, will float, is non-corrosive and is modular for ease of repair or replacement of components.

A sniffer antenna is connected to a BNC connector to allow connection to the tester directly or through an attenuator.

The FC2 can accommodate all but the largest current beacon types whilst fitting in the trunk of a car

  • 制造商: Sartech
  • 模型: QRT-101