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Kingsine K1040i
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K10 Series Protection Relay Test Set

  • Max. 300V AC voltage per phase, and provide independent auxiliary DC power (0~300V adjustable);
  • Simultaneous output of 7 voltage and 6 current; amplitude, phase and frequency adjustable independently;
  • Full function for PC connection test and offline test;
  • Self-protection functions, such as voltage short circuit protection, current open circuit, and external source unexpected input, not well grounding etc.
  • Wide Application from old Electromechanic relay to Modern digital protection relay.Suitable working for many world famous brand protection relays ;Such as ABB, ALSTOM, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, GE, SEL etc.
  • All-in-one designed Relay Test Set: built-in industrial computer, embedded style Windows CE system, with stable and reliable performance; mouse and keyboard built in panel or external connection available; LCD display; Windows operation interface;
  • Adopt EMC box and obtained CE approval.

    • 制造商: Kingsine
    • 模型: K1040i