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The 171 Synthesizer / Function Generator combines a function generator and 4 1/2-digit resolution frequency synthesizer in one package. Frequency control is by dial or digital switch. You can use digital control in the synthesizer mode with frequency resolution from 0.001Hz on the lowest decade range to 100Hz on the highest range. Dial control, in the generator mode, provides ?3% full scale accuracy with infinite resolution. The unit has a frequency range of 0.1Hz to 2MHz in the function generator mode and 1Hz to 2MHz in the synthesizer mode. The 171 features two simultaneous outputs with a maximum of 10 volts p-p into matched termination. The outputs are from 50 and 600-ohm sources. The output is continuously variable from 0 dB to -80 dB with a combination step and vernier attenuator. The unit provides sine, triangle, square and DC selectable, TTL pulse and 1MHz reference pulse waveforms. Sine, square, & triangle waveforms
  • 制造商: Wavetek
  • 模型: 171