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The most affordable, feature rich infrared camera available!
When you need a professional level infrared camera at a truly affordable price, take a test drive of the new FLIR T200. See how you can use the latest technologies for predictive maintenance, manufacturing, and in the Utility industry. Request your FREE consultation and expert demo today*.

The FLIR T200 thermal imager is a new addition to the popular T-Series family of infrared cameras for building professionals. It s jam-packed with many of the features found in higher-model FLIR T-series cameras. The bright 3.5-inch display makes it easy to see temperature differences and radiation emitted from objectsconditions that signal energy waste, building envelope troubles, even electrical system and component failures!

With FLIR s exclusive FLIR Fusion capability, you combine infrared and visible light detail to easily show hidden trouble. Speed through reporting of trouble spots with the help of FLIR's QuickReport software. QuickReport includes easy image organization tools and report templates so you can concentrate more on your IR inspection.

What s more, FLIR is the world s largest manufacturer of infrared cameras. FLIR offers the best training and unlimited FREE post-sale technical support.

Discover how you can boost your business, save money and energy for your customers or your company, advance your career, and find trouble in buildings before it s too late.

What do all FLIR Infrared Cameras have in common?
The FLIR T200 comes with the FLIR name behind it. That means it incorporates FLIR s 30+ years of experience in thermal imaging. You get superior ergonomics, advanced signal processing, ambient temperature control and a host of other infrared camera and thermal imaging exclusives. FLIR offers the widest selection of IR cameras and thermal imagers, the best post-sale technical support, the world s largest and most experience thermal imaging training organization - the Infrared Training Center - and award-winning customer service. Our core business is infrared thermal imaging. We invite you to call and speak with an infrared camera or thermal imaging expert at 1 800 464 6372.

  • A new and advanced infrared camera detector that delivers sharp images.
  • Flexible and interchangeable optics to help you get the proper angle on your work.
  • An integral high-resolution visible light camera with target illuminator.
  • Picture in Picture Fusion provides a scalable thermal picture inside a visible-light picture.
  • Ability to upgrade - Let your camera grow with your business.
  • 制造商: FLIR
  • 模型: T200