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Flir T360 New
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Flir T360
Flir T360

FLIR T360/T400


The FLIR T360 and T400 are innovative, feature rich infrared cameras equipped with FLIR's Thermal Fusion technology.

FLIRs Thermal Fusion Technology

The Thermal Fusion functionality allows for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images. This advanced technology enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing you to overlay it directly over the corresponding visible image. The functionality combines the benefits of both the infrared image and visual picture at the push of a button. The FLIR T360/T400 cameras do this in real time and the overlay function can be easily adjusted to suit any application such as electrical surveys, building diagnostics, and mechanical inspections.

Industrial applications for the FLIR T360/T400

The FLIR T360 and T400 infrared cameras are invaluable tools for professional thermographers in spotting anomalies before a breakdown. Some examples of industrial applications are:

  • Measurement of heat development in electrical and mechanical devices
  • Detect blocked pipe work and insulation defects
  • Production process supervision
  • Enhance work safety

FLIR B360/B400 for building applications

The FLIR T360 and T400 infrared cameras are also available as building models. Additional features for the FLIR B360 and B400 include built-in insulation and dewpoint alarms. FLIR B360 and B400 are specially designed for building inspections, such as finding heating and cooling losses, air infiltration and exfiltration, detecting moisture, HVAC or plumbing problems and much more.

FLIR T360/T400 features:

  • 320 x 240 pixels IR resolution
  • Small and lightweight
  • Picture-in-Picture (resizable)
  • Thermal Fusion (T400: interval/above/below)
  • Mpeg4 video mode (T400)
  • Visual camera
  • Laser pointer
  • Built-in illuminator lights
  • Thumbnail gallery
  • Touch screen for voice & sketch annotations, adding image marks
  • Dew point and insulation alarm (FLIR B360/B400)
  • 制造商: FLIR
  • 模型: T360 New