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High Resolution, Plug & Play Infrared Camera for Machine Vision
The FLIR A320 Infrared Camera is an affordable and accurate solution for machine vision and automation systems that require non-contact imaging and temperature measurements. It is a complete machine vision and remote monitoring system that immediately identifies thermal problems that would otherwise go undetected. Its built-in logic makes it ideal for safety/security systems, and for product and process monitoring in quality/reliability assurance programs.

Find Faults Quickly
Finding and resolving problems early can save thousands of dollars by resolving safety issues, cutting down on scrap and warranty costs, and improving product quality. The FLIR A320 Infrared Camera can spot subtle temperature variations undetectable by any other means. These can be easily monitored with its thermal imaging, temperature alarms, and actual temperature readouts.

Instant Non-contact Temperatures
The FLIR A320 Infrared Camera is designed to deliver accurate thermographic imaging and repeatable temperature measurements in a wide range of automation applications. Each thermal image is built from 76,800 individual picture elements that are sampled by the camera's on-board electronics and software to measure temperature. The near-real-time 16-bit 320x240 image data can be used to monitor and help control a production process, or can be processed by the camera's on-board intelligence to autonomously generate multiple independent digital alarms. Fast data transmissions are facilitated by using the MPEG-4 compressed image format.

Outstanding Imaging and High Thermal Sensitivity
From the beginning, the FLIR A320 Infrared Camera was developed to deliver accurate radiometric imaging and repeatable temperature measurements. It features an advanced, uncooled microbolometer focal plane array (FPA) detector that delivers crisp, longwave images in a multitude of palettes. Temperature variations as small as 0.08 degrees C can be detected.

Extensive Connectivity Options
Multiple A320s can be networked through their 100baseT Ethernet connections, and synchronized through the SNTP protocol. Each camera can be assigned a unique IP address for detection and data exchange on a network. FLIR's IR Monitor software can be used with a PC for camera control, configuration and monitoring via the network. This also provides instant access to A320 thermal images and temperature data by any authorized user via LAN/WAN. In addition, alarm messages and images can be sent by email to a remote location using the SMTP or FTP protocol. Wireless connection options are also available.

Plug-and-play Setup
The FLIR A320 Infrared Camera features plug-and-play setup. Simply connect the camera to a PC monitor and immediately view high quality, real-time radiometric thermal images that accurately show heat patterns and thermal anomalies. Alternatively, images can be viewed on a standalone video monitor by using the camera's composite video output (NTSC or PAL).

Easy to Configure and Operate
The user-intuitive FLIR A320 Infrared Camera is extremely easy to operate. Its onboard logic and menu-driven controls enables users to select and manipulate multiple target spots, temperature range, image color palettes, multiple alarms and more - quickly and easily. Adding IR imaging to a machine vision system is no more complex than adding a visual image camera. Moreover, the FLIR A320 Infrared Camera provides a simple way to create command and control programs through its bundled IR Config and IR Monitor software modules.

FLIR A320 Infrared Camera Specs
  • Affordable, Fully-integrated Thermal Measurement Solution
  • Multiple Target Spots and Alarms
  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility
  • Real-time Analog and MPEG-4 Digital Video Output
  • LabView and C++ / Visual Basic Support
  • Multiple Users can Access Data from Multiple Cameras
  • Maintenance-free, Uncooled, Microbolometer Detector
  • 制造商: FLIR
  • 模型: A320