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Fluke 6105A-E-80A
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Electrical Power Standard - Master + Energy + 80A Options

The 6105A and 6100B provide the signals to allow the processes described above to be completed effectively, quickly and by lower skill operators. More importantly, it ensures that the process of validation can be completed thoroughly, accurately and with all measurements being traceable to national and international standards. The 6100A was designed to produce a comprehensive array of electrical power quality signals with exceptional accuracy over one, two, three or four phases independently and simultaneously. The 6100B and 6105A products add even more utility and extend capability into the calibration of energy. These products provide even more flexibility than the 6100A.

Until now a system for three phases would require one 6100A "Master" and two 6101A "Auxiliary" units. The 6100B and 6105A Master units can be configured as Auxiliaries merely by reconfiguring communication cables. This gives many more options for combinations of instruments in different systems. A new 50A option has been added to the 80A already available. The 50A option can be configured so that all current ranges are available through the same terminals.

80A and 50A Options:
Two higher current options are available. The 80 A option provides 0 A to 80 A through 100 mm sockets. The outputs from the standard current ranges cannot be routed via these connectors. The 50 A option provides 0 A to 50 A also through 100 mm sockets. With the 50 A option the operator can choose to route all currents through the 100mm sockets or use the 0 A to 21 A range outputs through the standard terminals.

Energy Option:
The energy option adds a comparator to the 6100B and 6105A. Six input channels can be individually configured for Meter Constant. The user has the choice of reference. The 6105A energy accuracy is as good as almost any external device; but the 6100B user may choose to use an external reference standard. Measured energy is compared with the reference value and a percentage error reported for each device being tested.

CLK Option
The CLK option is an additional reference signal available from the rear panel.

  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 6105A-E-80A