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Teledyne LeCroy EZ PROBE
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You face tough testing problems.Shrinking geometries and increasinglycomplex assemblies are makingyour job even tougher. Getting aprobe in and out of a loaded cardcage safely has become difficult, ifnot impossible. Are you finding thatimprovising test fixtures, or requiringthe aid of an assistant (or two) doesn tquite do the job? And micrometerbasedpositioners are too slow.

Simplicity and Flexibility
The EZ-Probe Positioner solves yourprobe placement problems by providingeasy, precise manual probepositioning control in three axes.Motion in any direction is accomplishedwith a single control. Thejoystick pivots like a conventionaljoystick for X-Y positioning, andslides up and down at the same timefor Z positioning. The motion of theprobe matches the motion of yourhand and feels so completely natural,you ll be making good measurementsin minutes. And 3:1 motion reductiontriples your accuracy comparedto handheld probes alone.

Stability and Speed
The EZ-Probe Positioner comesequipped with a fully-articulatingarm, providing 30cm (12 inch) reachin virtually any direction. The armssingle clutch locks in your startingposition with a simple twist. Thevacuum-mount base keeps the EZProbePositioner in place in any testenvironment and the solid brass baseis heavy enough to also be used withoutvacuum.

The X-Y-Z joystick has separatefriction controls which let you movein the X-Y plane or the Z-axis independently,while still allowing concurrentmotion. These controls firmlymaintain position after the handleis released, giving you absolute confidencein your probe placement.Studies show no drift on a 50 ?msquare pad after two days.

The EZ-Probe Positioner is soeasy to use that the learning curve isvirtually eliminated. Setup and placementis ten times faster than traditionalX-Y-Z micropositioners. You llimmediately begin making bettermeasurements in less time.

Surprising Savings
The EZ-Probe Positioner minimizesmany of the hidden costs of devicetesting. Its solid control, and 50 ?m(2 mil) placement accuracy greatlyreduce the risk of damage to fragilefine-pitch traces, expensive boardsand modules, or valuable first prototypes.Its flexibility and adaptabilityeliminate the time lost on trial anderror of improvised kluge solutionsto tough testing situations.
  • 制造商: Teledyne LeCroy
  • 模型: EZ PROBE