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WAVETEK 3000-200
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The 3000-200 Signal Generator/Deviation Meter incorporates a complete 1MHz to 520MHz synthesized FM, AM and CW signal generator, and an FM deviation meter in one compact instrument. The combination of two instruments in one is ideal for testing transmitters and receiver sections of FM transceivers. Frequency resolution is 1kHz with an accuracy of ?0.001%. Calibrated RF power output can be varied from -137 to +13 dBm. AM modulation range is 0 to 90%. FM deviation is variable from 0 to 50kHz in two ranges at rates up to 100kHz. A 400Hz and 1kHz internal oscillator is provided for modulation. For transmitter testing the generator is protected against reverse power up to 50 W. The FM deviation meter measures FM from 0 to 50kHz at an RF frequency of 30 to 520MHz with an accuracy of 4%.
  • 制造商: Wavetek
  • 模型: 3000-200