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The 859 Programmable Pulse Generator is fully programmable for systems applications. Pulse widths, delays, transition times and output levels can be varied with 3 digit resolution. Output may be one pulse per period, double pulses or symmetrical square?pulses may also be complemented. Can be programmed from the front-panel keyboard or via the IEEE-488 interface. Output modes include Continuous, Triggered, Gated Burst, External Width mode (to reconstruct or shape an external signal), and unique Time Interval mode for extremely long pulses. 0.5 Hz to 50 MHz frequency range, full 20 V output, variable transition times, and ability to store and recall up to 25 complete setups in battery-back RAM are just some of the features the 859 has to offer.
  • 制造商: Wavetek
  • 模型: 859